Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The White House

It was the last day that we went to D.C. We went to the Capital and the White House. I was impressed the construction of them. I was glad to see them, but I got tired because of long walking. After we had a dinner, we met Joe’s friends, Sachi and her boyfriend. Sachi is half Irish and half Japanese, so she can speak English and Japanese well. Moreover, she is very beautiful. Although some people talk with them, I couldn’t talk with them. I regret it. By the way, we have only two days to leaving Maryland. I want to stay here more.


Nikki said...

I also wish you could stay longer in Maryland. We'll have to pack in as much fun as we can the next two days!

masahiro said...

Hi,satomi. you have to buy for me something normal!!!! and I choose your souvenir. hahaha

Hiromi said...

Hello, Ayumi! ^^
Time flies, doesn't it? I'm glad to know that you've enjoyed visiting the Capitol and the White House. :)

Nina Liakos said...

Everyone is tired after 12 days of non-stop activity, and you still want more! I wish the program could last longer. I will miss your bright smile!