Tuesday, September 16, 2008



I had stayed at my parent’s house in Fukuoka for two weeks. Fukuoka is my hometown. Have you ever been to Fukuoka?? I want you all to come to Fukuoka! There are many good foods in Fukuoka, so I got fat!! I have to go on a diet after I come back to my dorm:-P While I stayed at Fukuoka, I met old friends, went shopping and Oita to meet my grandmother and so on. This picture is Fukuoka tower.

By the way, I also put on a long-sleeved kimono. This is my mother’s kimono which she also put on when she was twenty years old! In Japan, people who become twenty years old are regarded an adult. And there is Coming-of-Age day on January every year. Coming-of-age celebrations are held at each place in Japan at the day. Women often put on long-sleeved kimono and attend the celebration. This time, I was taken a picture beforehand because I will have no time to take a picture at the day. This is one of them.